Now, exporting is easy

Beginning an export process requires a wide knowledge of certain variables. Auxiser Global Services will provide your company with fast and secure access to information about the Asia-Pacific region, an exceptional market with a high potential in the short term. We are your partner if you are interested in other geographical areas (Central and South America,...) Market Researchs, reports about regulations and certifications of the country of destination, Benchmarking Studies.

Export Logistics Management

Auxiser Global Services can also provide your company logistic, transport and customs services in order to sucessfully introduce your products in the local market.

Identification and negotiation with local partners

In accordance with the strategy to be executed we can help you to identify and negotiate with local partners. Any form selected by Spanish companies to access new markets (establishment, commercial relations, industrial relations, etc.) involves a hard process and a rigorous project. Several factors such as geographic extension, competition or cultural differences between Estearn and Western countries required a specialized and complete consulting service.

Agendas and Trade Missions

Auxiser Global Services also offers the possibility to arrange Agendas and Trade Missions, visits to the facilities of your clients/ suppliers, as well as participation in fairs in target countries; always accompanied by our local staff (Chinese) with command of the Spanish culture, you would be able to find the most suitable clients for starting a commercial relation.

Advertising Consulting and Media Development

Advertising Consulting and Brand Image creation services for your international projects.

Registration of Patents and Trademarks

We want to offer Spanish companies the possibility and service of registering their trademarks in the P.R. of China so they can develop export projects minimizing risks of copy by third parties.

This way companies will manage to tighten protection of their Intellectual Property (trademarks, patents, etc.) in the target country, the P.R. of China.

Advantages, especially for those companies having already registered their trademarks in Spain or Europe, are:

 » Deterrent effects.

 » Faster claims if infringement occurs.

  » Use of the trademark in the P.R. of China for all export, import and manufacturing projects.

Any company must apply for trademark registration from the moment it decides to develop export and especially import projects in China as risk of copying is very high among local agents.

This action should not be delayed because of several reasons:

- First-To-File jurisdiction. Protection is granted to the first to file a trademark registration within the Chinese Trademark Office (CTMO).

- Most of Intellectual Property infringements are committed by commercial partners.

- Being proactive rather than reactive: that is, we should not postpone trademark registration to the moment of filing objections against applications of third parties, we must apply for registration since the first day.